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On a typical day i receive 1,234 compliments on what i’m wearing. i mean that’s a rough estimate. people wonder how i can dress so well for a hamburger. When you think of a hamburger, you assume we all dress the same, a tomato here, a leaf of lettuce there, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. a hamburger can dress in many different styles. in this day and age with hamburger fashionistas spread across Minnesota, from your city designers like the 5-8 club to your country trendsetters such as Jl Beers in the Fargo-Moorhead region, hamburgers don’t have to settle for plain and simple. Here are just a few examples from not one, but two of my favorite collections from the twin cities hottest burger designers: the Blue door pub and the Blue door longfellow.the Blue door pub opened in 2009 and is located in St. paul on Selby avenue and Fairview. Before you eat, you will have to endure the sometimes obligatory, totally worth it, 30-minute wait. Once you are seated and get your menu, you’ll immediately notice the Blue door pub’s avant-garde styles of their household Blucys, a thing called a Jiffy Burger, some Spam bites, and whatever else is on the other side of the menu. i’m not totally sure what’s there because i’ve never gotten that
far. i’m a firm believer a hamburger doesn’t accessorize well with a wedge salad. Read More