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In my first attempt at unbiased journalism, i will do my best to write unbiased and professionally in the interest of unbiased and professional journalism. so here it is, the first statement of unbiased fact: bryant-Lake bowl & theater is the best place in the world. How was that? OK, maybe i should confess here that i’ve performed stand-up comedy at bryant-Lake and therefore see it in a way the casual diner will never know—from behind a microphone. bryant-Lake bowl is seated front and center in an uptown spot where fads come and go, yet last October it celebrated its 20th anniversary. it’s not hard to see why it stood the test of time. for starters, successful restaurateur Kim bartmann, who has opened her fair share of popular venues (Café barbette, pat’s tap, red stag supper Club, etc.) owns it. another reason may be bryant-Lake serves some of the most delicious food and drinks from breakfast to lunch to dinner to 2 in the morning (or as i like to call it, anything-edible time). and, the bowl provides the ultimate fun package of bowling and theater.

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