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Best in Bathroom

good restroom can truly be a work of art. some have style but lose their allure with a lack of upkeep. Bars or clubs sometimes have restrooms befitting a nuclear explosion but for reasons unknown are quite suited to their environment. there is no singular key to success for a great restroom, but here are a few examples of what I’ve seen from the best restrooms in the twin cities.

Before I share this list please keep in mind these examples are from my personal reviews. With water bottle in hand I walked from place to place and asked to see their restrooms. When I was told they were for customers only, I replied I was not going to use them, but merely review them.

I started by brainstorming places I had been before and taking suggestions from my barista at the urban Bean, a coffee shop in uptown. It just so happened I was in a coffee shop containing a hidden gem of restroom design.

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