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Battle of Burgers

When I learned about the upcoming burger battle in St. Paul, I immediately pictured two semi-truck-sized hamburgers squar- ing off in a cage death match, fighting for burger survival and burger glory. When someone explained this burger battle in more detail, I found the reality even more spectacular.

on Saturday, May 17, from 5 to 8 p.m. in Mears Park, 12 local burger outlets are handing out burger sliders alongside Summit beer—and tickets only cost $40. essentially it’s exactly what I pictured, but with 12 burgers instead of two.

Jim buron, the man behind the twin Cities burger battle, was born and raised on Minnesota burgers and is back after organizing events in new York City for the past seven years. one event included the new York Wine and Food Festival, encompassing more than a hundred events during a week in october—everything from wine tastings to sushi samplings to, most importantly, a burger cook-off. this spurred buron’s idea to bring the same cook-off concept to Minnesota.

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