Jay Gabler - December 8, 2015 

Sheep Theater is Totally a Thing Now.

Why Sheep?

“I like to paint,” said Joey Hamburger, sitting at the Spyhouse on Nicollet on Tuesday night. “Every time I paint it starts with a sheep, so I have a lot of paintings of sheep.” Hence, Sheep Theater. “There’s a lot of effort people put into names,” said Iris Page, sitting next to Joey. “With us it was more like, well, there it is.” Joey, Iris, and their collaborator Michael Hugh Torsch haven’t previously felt the need to give their “company” a “name,” though they’ve been making theater together for the past couple of years.

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Matthew A. Everett - July 30, 2015 

God stops writing. Conflict ends and people stop dying. Believing this means the end of the world, Adam and Eve convince God to start writing again. He reluctantly creates a sequel to his greatest work, Jesus.

Even if I didn’t know the guy behind this play, or hadn’t seen his previous work, he would have had me at the premise.  Brilliant, or train wreck, or something in between?  As a writer who grapples with subject matter like this all the time myself, I’m fascinated.  But, as it happens, I do know the guy who wrote this.

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Jake Schultz – June 30, 2015 

George Washington, Bennies, Johnnies and a hamburger. What’s not to love?

Joey Hamburger, a 2013 graduate of Saint John’s University, has written and is currently producing his 10th play, “George,” which will hit the stage July 7-10 at the Bedlam Lowertown in St. Paul, Minnesota.The play follows the start of the Revolutionary War, centering on many of the historical figures that most Americans will find familiar. But these aren’t the same revolutionaries you remember from history class.”Historically inaccurate and hilariously fun, “George” won’t help anyone pass an American history exam, but it will be part of a great evening in St. Paul,” Hamburger said.In a cast of 11, eight of the roles are filled by CSB and SJU graduates and students, including Hamburger who will play George Washington.

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Bill Steiger – Villager- January 7, 2015

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Rob Callahan – — July. 20, 2013

Comedian Joey Hamburger presents “Blind Date”, a storytelling show in which nine characters recount their relationship experiences. Hamburger is remounting the show, which he originally performed in March at the Bryant Lake Bowl, and promises the usual absurd anecdotes and hilarious hijinks upon which his comedic brand is built. Hamburger’s show replaces “OKCupid We Are Not a” in the James Sewell Ballet Tek Box at the Cowles Center.

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Bailey Zallek – Record- April 30, 2013

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Adam Tucker - CSBSJU-Mag  Spring 2013

Don’t expect Joey Hamburger to be funny, unless he’s on stage performing stand-up comedy. And for the SJU senior theater major, with his lanky frame, twinkling eyes, rakish, fly-away hair, as well as his last name of Hamburger, being a random, crazy guy has become his trademark on campus – a well-known character everyone loves as just, well, “being Joey.” “When people see me around or in class, they always expect me to be hilarious,” says Hamburger. “And I’m not. The reason I seem funnier than everyone else is that I work hard and polish my material better than anyone else.” Hamburger has set his sights on taking that polished persona on the road – as a professional. “Comedy is something that can be a career. I love doing it. There’s nothing in my life that makes me work harder,” Hamburger says. “I want to do everything though, whether it’s writing plays, sketch comedy or video.” That ambition shows in his senior thesis, a multi-act play entitled “Blind Date: From Creation to Performance.” The play will serve as the opening performance of a comedy tour he plans to take on the road following graduation, a goal made possible only through the guidance of another Johnnie.

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