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Celebrity Profile-Meteorologist Sven Sundgaard

KARE 11’s Sunrise meteorologist and St. Paul native Sven Sundgaard first interned at KARE 11 in 2002 while pursuing his meteorology degree at St. Cloud State University and later joined the weather team in 2006. When he’s not forecasting the next snow storm or indulging in the Twin Cities’ culinary scene, he enjoys camping and running and traveling to all over the world to places such as Scandinavia, South America and even the Middle East. He’s also been a spokesman for Dining Out For Life, an Aliveness Project fundraiser that partners with local restaurants to raise money for area residents living with HIV/AIDS. Here is how he answered a few of our questions about his favorites spots in the Twin Cities.

1. Where’s your favorite place to get dinner?

I like almost any Thai restaurant but I also love to support my own neighborhood (Bryn Mawr, Minneapolis) and our local Sparks restaurant. It helps the food is also great and they change up the menu regularly.

2. Breakfast?

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I could eat it all day… I love the Bad Waitress on Nicollet & 26th, but almost any diner will do! I also love making a big brunch.

3. Where is the best place to grab a drink?

In winter, in Minnesota? My living room with the fire going and a good malbec! I don’t have a liquor license though, so I can’t invite you. [smiley face] 4. What don’t we have to eat in the Twin Cities that you wish we did? Hmmm, I think we have it all, almost. I wish we had more vegan/vegetarian-specific restaurants. I’m a vegetarian and you go to some larger cities like Chicago or Los Angeles or New York and they have a plethora of restaurants that serve SOL ELY vegetarian options and they’re good—frequented by carnivores and vegetarians alike. (Think: Chicago Diner in Halsted.)

5. What toppings make the perfect hamburger or in your case, the perfect veggie burger? 

Gotta have cheese (the one thing that will probably always keep me from being vegan), mayonnaise, pickles… Those are must haves, veggie burger or not.

6. If you weren’t a weather guy, but a food guy, what type of restaurant would you open? 

I think it’d be cool to have a restaurant with food from around the world and a changing menu… Try something different, out of our comfort zone.


Interview by Joey Hamburger